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Tractor FAQs

  1. Why my tractor lifts up at front whenever a loaded trolley is being pulled?…

    Why this happens?

    1. A part of weight of trolley and a part of weight of tractor at front shifts to rear axle. Due to this fact a lift is produced at front.
    2. Improper selection of toeing hook.


    1. To over come this imbalance, put weights at front.
    2. Use hinge mounted type recommended hook. Avoid tube mounted type hook as it can cause big damage to your tractor.
  2. Why my tractor has started consuming excessive engine oil?…

    Why it happens?
    When the tractor is used for running purposes without load for a longer period as low as 30 hrs, it starts consuming oil. The recommended limit of oil consumption is 0.5 lit of oil after 100 lit of diesel.

    1. Park the tractor at level ground.
    2. Check levels of engine oil & diesel.
    3. Make up oil level to the “Max” mark, diesel to full tank.
    4. Set engine speed to 1800 rpm with the help of hand throttle up to consumption of 1 full diesel tank..
    5. Park tractor at level ground and stop the engine.
    6. Wait for at least 1 hr
    7. Check for possible drop in oil level on dipstick.
    8. Make up oil level to “Max” mark with the help of a measure.
    9. Check for leaks if any i-e; engine main oil seal, timing seal, sump joints, cam shaft seal etc.
    10. Check possible leaks in the air intake system.
    11. Do not remove thermostat valve from the engine.

    If the problem persists, register a complaint with our after sales service department or visit our nearest authorized dealer/workshop (see dealer & workshop locator).

  3. Why my tractor has started consuming excessive diesel?…

    1. Use the appropriate implements according to the HP of the tractor.
    2. Select gear according to the soil conditions.
    3. Do not under speed/over speed engine according to load. Run engine at 1800 rpm.
    4. Adjust tyre pressure according to use of tractor. See operator’s instruction book.
    5. Adjust top link length.
    6. Use right category balls for right type of implement linkages.
    7. Adjust stabilizer/check chains.
    8. Change diesel filter at recommended intervals.
    9. Wash diesel tank every 1000 hrs of running.
    10. Adjust injector/nozzle pressure every 1000 hrs.
    11. Refer to operator’s instruction book or consult dealer or register a complaint.
  4. Why the Hydraulic system of my tractor jerks while lifting up the implement?…

    1. Have you changed the hydraulic oil after 30 hrs of operation? If not this problem is going to become even worse. Change hydraulic oil immediately if not already changed. Refer to operator’s instruction book.
    2. Change hydraulic filter. Take your tractor to authorized w/shop and let our skilled mechanic do it.
    3. Check hydraulic system control valve and adjust if necessary.
    4. Do not adjust position control lever beyond “up” mark.
    5. Check hydraulic oil level. It should be between “min” & “max” mark.
    6. Check for possible hydraulic oil leaks.
    7. If the problem persists consult your dealer or register a complaint
  5. Should a thermostat valve be removed from an engine?…

      Not at all.
      The thermostat valve performs the following functions in an engine: –

      1. Keeps engine at normal operating temperature, essential for better performance.
      2. Avoids HP lag in an engine.
      3. Discourages excessive diesel/engine oil consumption.
      4. Avoids premature ring & liner wear.
      5. Enhances engine life.

      If you have removed thermostat valve, immediately consult your dealer and get it refitted.