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Generating Sets FAQs

  1. What is a Generator?…

    Generators are shaft-driven machines that produce electric power. Broadly speaking, they range in size and capacity from the tiny devices used as sensors to the extremely large machines used at commercial power plants. The term “alternator” is also used and means essentially the same thing. The term “generator set” or “genset” is sometimes used to describe a generator along with a diesel or gasoline engine or other power source.

  2. How Generating Sets are rated?…

    Generating Sets are rated in terms of the amount of power they can produce. This is measured in Watts (W) or Kilowatts (kW) and Volt Amperes (VA) or Kilovolt Amperes (kVA). A Kilowatt is equal to 1,000 Watts.

  3. What is the conversion formula of kW and kVA?…

    kW = kVA x Power Factor

    If kVA = 25 and Power Factor = 0.8 then kW=?
    kW = kVA x Power Factor
    kW = 25 x 0.8
    kW = 20

  4. What are the safety parameters regarding use of Generating Sets?…

    Here’s some basic advice on Generating Set safety. Read the instructions for your Generating Set or check with a dealer or licensed electrician for authoritative safety rules.

    1. Follow the safety instructions that come with the Generating Set.
    2. Keep the Generating Set outside so you don’t breathe carbon monoxide. Protected locations, such as a garage with the garage door open, are helpful if the weather is bad.
    3. Don’t refuel a hot engine. If you refuel at night, use a source of light that won’t ignite the gas.
    4. Don’t overload extension cords.
    5. Use a transfer switch.
    6. Store fuel outside, in a safe container
  5. Why is a Diesel Generating Set better than a Gasoline Generating Set?…

    Because of the way diesel engines are built they will last many times longer than a gasoline powered engine.

  6. What is Prime Power?…

    That source of supply of electrical energy utilised by the user which normally available continuously day and night, usually supplied by an electric utility company but sometimes by owner generation.

  7. What is Rated Power?…

    The stated or guaranteed net electric output which is obtainable continuously from a Generating Set when it is functioning at rated conditions. If the set is equipped with additional power producing devices, then the stated or guaranteed net electric power must take into consideration that the auxiliaries are delivering their respective stated or guaranteed net output simultaneously, unless otherwise agreed to.

  8. What is Standby Power?…

    An independent reserve source of electrical energy which upon failure or outage of the normal source provides electric power of acceptable quality and quantity so that the user’s facilities may continue in satisfactory operation