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Prime Movers FAQs

  1. Q. What are the basic applications of Prime Mover?…

    Millat Prime Mover can be used for Irrigation Schemes, Pulp Mills, Hydraulic Pumps & Motors, Pumping Sts, Stone Crushers, Power Looms, Oil Expellers and Drilling etc.

  2. Q. What type of engine is used for Prime Movers?…

    Millat Prime Movers are based on Millat/Perkins 4 stroke – vertical inline engine.

  3. Q. What type of fuel is used?…

    Diesel Fuel is used for Millat Prime Movers

  4. Q. What type of fuel is used?…

    A. Millat Prime Mover is equipped with Clutching/Declutching mechanism with lever, Power Output Shaft and Instrumentation Panel mounted on base frame with:

    1. Tacho meter
    2. Hour meter
    3. Ammeter
    4. Low Oil Pressure Gauge
    5. Water Temperature Gauge
    6. Battery Charging Gauge
    7. Ignition Key Switch